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Feminism is not a contest.

Jessica Valenti has written another article I'd like to share: 'Those women are more oppressed' is a terrible argument against feminism. It's a short read, give it a look if you like.


Yes, American women have it better than some but that doesn't mean that we're not allowed to complain and work to have it better. American women aren't guaranteed maternity leave (let alone paid!), our rights to a safe abortion are always under siege, we have pay gaps, and access to affordable birth control is something that many in political offices want cut off if it would get them more votes. We're allowed to care about many things at once and about people everywhere. It's too bad that's too hard for some people to understand.

My favorite line is near the end -

Yes, feminists should support women's rights and their advocates abroad – by asking those women what they need, not telling them – but that doesn't mean we should do so to the exclusion of all efforts at home.

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