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Feminist 101 Links Please?

A friend of a friend on FB wants to know why we need feminism, since women are already equal n stuff. I need a link bc I am too tired for this right now. Not the tumbler with all the pictures "I need feminism because..." Just some text. Anyone have any ideas? I don't even know where to start - cause we're underrepresented in politics and the media, judged more harshly in our appearance, not taken seriously by the police and courts, not paid as much as men, in some subcultures in the US still discouraged from careers and education, and oh yeah you can be a feminist because women are oppressed in other countries too...

Edited to add: Well 2 people provided some polite and thoughtful answers, and the dude just claimed he'd "literally" been making a half-hearted joke and wasn't trying to "start shit," by which I can only assume he meant "lose an argument.". Thanks for your help, you guys are all awesome!


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