Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I didn't see this posted when I searched, so sharing Anita Sarkesian's latest entry in her series. Anita warns in the video that this episode features graphic sexualized depictions of women, including violent ones, so be forewarned.

I thought this was one of the more interesting ones in that she delves a bit deeper into the academic theory she applies, and really tries to get at why these depictions of women are distinct from other forms of media. The images and scenes were actually somewhat hard to stomach in some cases. I haven't played a lot of these games and it was pretty shocking.


For those interested, Feminist Frequency's page for the video provides a lot more details on the video, including a transcript and link to sources.

Curious what others think, especially those familiar with Nussbaum's work and those who have played some of these games.

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