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Feminist Hackerspace Tea Party and Lightning Talks, SF 9/17

Double Union, San Francisco’s upcoming intersectional feminist hackerspace is hosting our first event Tuesday, Sept. 17, at Mozilla’s San Francisco office. It’s a tea party with lightning talks and gluten free treats! We are creating a hackerspace space for women (trans and queer inclusive, no petting PoC's hair) who are tinkerers, makers, crafters, and hackers, where we can work, teach, learn, inspire, collaborate, and just plain hang out in a harassment-free, non-threatening environment! We are currently looking for a permanent space and undergoing the process of becoming an official non-profit organization. (And yes, that “we” includes me.)

Lightning talks will include but not be limited to:

  • A fervent second textile arts technology manifesto from our resident yarnbomber
  • A report on the techniques of street harassment logging
  • The 50 Sexistest Men in Tech call for content
  • Feminist Hacker Stock Photos (We resisted buying the domain name! I think we bought one about dumplings though.)
  • and something by me? I should really pick a topic but y’all know I can talk for 90 seconds about something. Maybe I’ll teach them bunny bombing or fighting PTSD with age regression or how to Kinja or how to do home food/drug allergy testing.

Double Union was born in a living room in an AdaCamp after party by a team of feminist rabble rousers and now includes some of the ladies from Geek Feminism Wiki, the Ada Initiative, PyLadies, me (I think I’m the comic relief), and other techy, geeky gals from the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly San Francisco proper.

There is also a gender-balanced PoC hackerspace in Oakland called LoLSpace, Seattle’s Attic and flux in Portland.

I promise that we are less creepy than these images.

ETA: People have asked elsewhere if men are invited to the tea party and this has been confirmed. All genders are welcome!


RSVP system is online!

Removed Python lightning talk per speaker cancellation.

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