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Feminist Rage In The Morning Is Bad For My Health

Sometimes I forget that not only are there people who aren't feminists, but there are people who absolutely go frothing mad at anyone who vocally states that there are inadequacies between genders right now. I have been following the feminist frequency videos for a while, and to this day I have yet to get angry about it.Mainly, it's because what Anita's saying is FUCKING BASIC!Anyone who has taken a woman's studies class or follow feminist blogs know about the points she is making. This isn't a diss on Anita...this is a diss on the people who get so angry over what she's saying in her videos. I mean, this isn't the SCUM manifesto.This is just a youtube series. There's less hate given to people who rant about Obama being a monkey from Kenya using photoshopped pictures as proof.And the way she has been talking about video games? baaaasic. She's been accused of using "let's play" footage, and many people think her use of the money donated for her project is not put to good use.But she's not inventing video games where women are brutally murdered to accelerate the male protagonist's plot. The constant Damsels In Distress plots in video games isn't some figment of her imagination.These are real video games.

It seems that her most vocal critics are so caught up in the behind-the-scenes actions of her videos that they completely disregard the content that people are actually seeing.I mean, celebrities have technically done worse, but people will still acknowledge their work. From what I'm seeing, there's nothing to get so intensely offended by.She's just a woman saying things that she notices. Just because you disagree or she's using other people's content to make her point doesn't mean one has to get so intensely angry.Hell, people were getting angry simply for her DOING this project. If all this anger was put towards misogyny, racism, and homophobia, I'm sure they would be called crazy Social Justice Warriors for their efforts.


And before I lose this train of thought, the term Social Justice Warrior is the most toxic thing to enter fandom lingo. It is like the new "feminazi"in that it is thrown around to completely shut down discussion. Frankly, fandom can get boring quick if nobody can talk about the intersection of race/gender/and sexuality that many people in the real-world face.Without this discussion, some fandoms can just become a circle jerk of "OMGAWESOME". Yeah , I like a show, but I also have other thoughts than unrelenting love, and I'm not less of a fan or a frothing hatebeast for thinking about these things.This thing of shutting down people with accusations of them being Social Justice Warriors has been making me feel very uncomfortable in many spaces of interest.

This has been a rant.

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