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Hey guys — Meryl Streep said something cool* last night. You know what the best way to share her inspirational quote over Instagram is? To layer it on top of a shot of her from 40 years ago. Because you know what’s even better than an actress using her platform to combat fascism? Remembering that she was young & hot once.

Oh, hey Carrie Fisher just died. You know, Carrie Fisher — the amazing novelist, screenwriter, script doctor, mental health advocate, funny woman, comedian, and actress?


Oh, you don’t? Well do you remember the gold bikini?

Right. Her.

Yeah, she hated that bikini. She spent years talking about everything she hated about it. But when she dies, please — please! — don’t forget to remind people that she was young & hot once.

Because, hey — when Leonardo DiCaprio says something about the environment, we definitely rush to paste his speech on top of a shot of him in Titanic, right? And when he dies, we’ll probably use this shot from Romeo + Juliet, right?


tl;dr — I’m so fucking tired of people broadcasting smart, older woman as having been young & hot once, as though that’s the only way we can possibly value their achievements, thoughts, and experience.

*Yes, she’s also said some dumb white feminist and i’m-not-a-feminist things. And you can argue that she gave an elitist speech about the arts, etc. etc. but it was still a nice sentiment, blah blah.

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