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I suck at business. I’m trying a new avenue of income —t-shirts— and so far I have sold one. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and I frankly suck at promotion too.

Anyway, all of this is by way of saying that my latest scheme is to do a series of t-shirts of feminists, famous and not. So far I have made Angela Davis and Frieda Kahlo designs. I’ll do Nel Noddings next, since my friend asked me to do a picture of her, and that’s what inspired me in the first place.

Who else should I tackle? Should I include any kind of text? For Angela Davis, I did a picture of her closer to her current age, so I included her name. But I thought about putting a banner on the bottom that said “Feminist Icon” or something like that.


I have to leave the computer now, but I’ll be back this evening to see if anyone has any input. I’d love to know what kind of feminist icon would get you to at least buy a sticker, if not a t-shirt or poster.

(Sorry the images are so big. I don’t know how to fix it!)

ETA: Thanks for your feedback! I’ve got twenty women and counting on my list now to start drawing. If you’re interested, you can buy the Frieda design here. The Angela design is here, but I’m going to take some feedback and change the text.

Since it really doesn’t take all that much extra time, I’ll probably offer some designs with and without text, just to see what is more popular.


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