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Have you been following the (demoralizing) case of NH (R) representative Fisher being found out as the founder of misogynist reddit, RedPill? Well, if so: I invite you to participate in a local paper’s polling on the subject! (If not: I can give some links, but the mainpage of Jez has been doing a great job of covering this surprisingly national story and HURRAH for us: he resigned!)

Please help me show the Union Leader that it is important that we voraciously pursue misogyny. When a member of our government says “rape isn’t bad for the rapist” they need to go. They are no longer able to represent their constituency.

Share it, feminist shit-asses! Share it to Facebook, to your action groups; to whoever you marched with. Vote in every browser your device supports and then fire up your laptop, tablet and do the same.


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