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Ferguson got worse last night

Right, so the looters came back. Riot gear came out, I'm not sure what happened to protesters with respect to tear gas, etc, because news is focused on looters.

Protesters helped stopped looters. Protesters fucking lined up to block entrances to stores and talk looters out of it.

County pd is claiming that they showed up and were told by Highway Patrol to stand down. So they left. I can't believe they left. I mean, I thought they were there to serve and protect - if you see a need to do that, how can you just leave?


At least 6 stores were looted. A Domino's Pizza was set on fire.

Employees showed up with guns to protect their stores, because law enforcement has completely fucking failed them.

Waiting on the news conference. I want to hear what the useless fucks in charge say about this.

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