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Ferguson - no tear gas so far (I think) - ETA, NOPE, tear gas just happened

There's a large number of protesters, and whenever they start getting in crowds the police and highway patrol break the crowd up. Telling them they are unlawfully assembling. WHICH IS FUCKING BULLSHIT.

Anyways, there are groups of people - civic leaders, pastors, etc working to create a line between law enforcement and protesters. Basically, these people are doing law enforcement's work for them (and much better and safer, too).

"We police our own. We don't need them. We don't need the police, the national guard." to paraphrase Pastor Robinson.


Police line basically has a small group surge out and bum rush a person with the riot gear on and grab whomever they perceive of as a threat and rush back to the line with them.

KSDK reporter on scene just said that the 2 they grabbed were a lady on a bicycle with a guy. Apparently throwing ANYTHING at the cops makes you a threat. KSDK reporter thinks maybe a bottle of water was thrown. Someone earlier got bum rushed by the cops because they threw a balled-up piece of paper at them.

OOOOOH, math homework is soooo dangerous.

ETA: My face wants to rain. One of the protesters arrested this afternoon was a 90 yr old Holocaust survivor. She was upset about the police brutality and overuse of police power.

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