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Ferguson, the NRA and the Hypocrisy of Silence

Canadian news Magazine McClean's has published a rather excellent op-ed entitled Ferguson, the NRA and the Hypocrisy of Silence. Here's a snippet:

"This seemingly perfect spectacle for NRA outrage—the shooting of an unarmed man, cops with outsized weapons, mass arrests—is flawed for one reason: Michael Brown was African-American. As such, he doesn't fit the profile of the typical NRA member and, apparently, doesn't warrant the group's paranoid rage it has displayed in the case of Randy Weaver, a known racist who was armed to the teeth at the time of the standoff. The NRA's lack of rhetoric about Michael Brown, like Trayvon Martin before him, speaks volumes about the group's other reigning paranoia, this one, race-based.

As an 18-year-old black youth, Brown was less an NRA poster boy for the militarized overindulgences of law enforcement than the unspoken reason why many of its members buy guns in the first place. "

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