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Mr. Ivriniel and I have been trying to get pregnant for quite some time, and been going to a fertility clinic since Nov. It seems like nearly every month something goes wrong right around the time I've ovulating that throws a wrench into things, for example, Mr. I gets sick to the point of hospitalization, or her gets a whole whack of job stress thrown on him.

It also doesn't help that he is taking medication that interferes with his ability to ejaculate.

This month, the clinic recommended we try Intra Uterine Insemination. Basically, they collect a sample from Mr. I, and deliver it as far up into me as possible, to reduce the distance the sperm has to travel.


I was also given injections of Follicle Stimulating Hormone to take. Today is Day 11 of my cycle. I went in today, and was told that I had 2 follicles at on the right, 1 at 16 mm, the other at 15 mm, and 1 on the left at 12 mm. The nurse told me to make an appointment for Thursday, and continue with the injections. She also said that they might call me today, and tell me to come back tomorrow, if it looked like I was about to ovulate.

I usually carry my cellphone on me, but the pants I am wearing today don't have pockets or belt loops, so I can carrying it in my purse. In any case, I missed their call this afternoon. I just discovered it after the clinic closed. The message says to come back tomorrow with Mr. Ivriniel, as I might have already ovulated.

Sure enough, I feel like I have ovulated. After I ovulate I get bloated and gassy. I noticed I was starting to bloat this afternoon, but at first I thought it was just the meds, because they have been making me bloat. But then I started getting gassy as well.


I'm just finding this so disappointing. As I understand it follicles should be at least 18 mm before ovulating. My largest follicle could have hit 18 mm this afternoon, but the 12 mm follicle is probably going to be too small to be viable. Eggs only last about 24 hours after ovulation, so if I ovulated in the early afternoon today, there's not going to be much time for sperm to get to that egg before it dies.

I'm just really hoping that the 15 mm follicle hangs on a little longer and we'll have a good shot with that one.

On the other hand, there was another cycle when the hormone levels in my bloodwork seemed to indicate that I had ovulated one day, but it took until the next day for it to actually happened. The Doctor said that one of the supplements that they have me on can elevate hormone levels prior to ovulation actually occurring. I'm really hoping that that is the case, and the gas is attributable to the Indian food I had for lunch.

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