The Motley New's The Fetishization of Lupita Nyong'o clearly articulates the sometimes almost creepy way Lupita gets propped up as a shiny beacon of all things beautiful. As the author says:

I'm also weirded out by the onslaught of white people who are just plain gob-smacked by her exquisiteness. I've received an enormous amount of trending Facebook articles from various fashion sources that seem almost amazed by how beautiful Lupita is.

And yes, like we could say the same thing about the current white it girl, except that most of the positive press about Jennifer Lawerence tends to be on her personality or some interview she did or that she was good in some role. It doesn't have quite the same levels of "ooh, pretty exotic thing" as the coverage of Lupita.

And, of course, this needs to stop, like now. Mostly 'cause it's always bad to exoticize people, but also because it ends up feeding into the lack of good roles for POC 'cause it kinda inherently dismisses them from the sorta everyman accessible roles that go to white women, the sorta roles that the author is talking about when the author says:

Hopefully, one day, a black actress will win an Academy Award based on a performance that's not based on the oppression of black women.


For Lupita to get those sorta roles, casting directors, and the public, need to remember that she's cut from the same sorta cloth as much of the white women she's competing against- privileged family, growing up on two continents, very good schools-and that she's not some quasi-idol. And that just like them, she can play a variety of roles. (Edited 'cause nopenotathing rightly pointed out that the original phrasing was a mess)