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Feud Bette And Joan Best Miniseries In Years

We watched the lasr episode which was an hour 20 minutes long.

I liked Susan Sarandon a lot as Bette but this was Jessica Lange’s show. I know the intention was to have them equal as costars but Joan Crawford was the character to watch.


A controlling, manipulator but also childish in a lot of ways. Her reactions like to the Oscars was way overboard and her temper at times she lost control. I dd not like her for much of the series but looking back I feel sorry for. She was poorly educated, sexually abused when young but when she went to Hollywood she not only left her old life behind but allowed the studios to create in her a new person Joan Crawford.

At one point in last episode she wondered in her alone time she wondered who she really was, the woman who came to Hollywood or the one Hollywood created.


There is a scene at the dentist about a procedure to enhance to cheeks which she said she had decades ago. The dentist was shocked she had agreed to it.

Her dentist was shocked. What procedure was it and is it used today?

Lange really showed range from a seeming confident manipulqtor to her collapse.

Sarandon was also very good but Bette in many ways stayed the same very confident, callous at times, serious and bitter by the end it was a greater level. Although I liked Bette more at the start but her comment about Joan’s death was overly callous. She said to the AP that her mother said she should speak good lf the dead so she said “now that’s she is dead, good”. Yet she also had grudging respect for her in retrospect calling Joan a professional.


Oh Jackie Hoffman as Mamacita deserves an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress. I thought she was going to be just the comic foil but she was in many ways a surrogate mother to Joan. Yes she left Joan at one point for abuse, Joan twice threw things at her head second time she left. Yet it was obvious she kept track of her because when Joan needed her the most she showed up unexpectedly to take care of her. She also saw through the foolishness around her about Hollywood.

Best Actress noms needs to be Mary McConnell of Major Crimes, Sarandon and Lange. Lange winning it. Hoffman winning Best Supporting Actress. Feud Best Limited Series.


Watch it even to see what Hollywood was like in the 60s.

What angered me the most was how Hollywood shaped Joan Crawford giving her a new personality yet by doing it left her dependent ln them. No doubt she was dedicated to them. There would be no movie called Baby Jane without her pushing it. Yet they gave her Trog a total slap in the face. Then a few years later died a recluse with Mamacita by her side. No one deserved what happened to her. She also had full of regrets like how she raised Christina she was angry but also told her younger daughter that she could have been a better mother to her older kids.


Anyone watch and like it? I loved it.

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