Only one word to describe the episode.








That word is manipulation.

Joan Crawford manipulated Bette Davis to get actress playing neighbor fired.

Davis manipulated director Aldrich by wanting to practice alone with him on weekends.

The producer manipulated Aldrich into making Crawford and Davis hate each other.

Aldrich and Crawford both at different times manipulated Hedda Hopper.

Aldrich planted a false story to Hopper about Davis fearing injury with Crawfords fake breasts. Crawford believed Davis did leaked it so leaked to Hopped’s nemesis and Davis never smiles and looks old.


With all these manipulations and there were more in the episode. We got the sense everyone knew they were being manipulated and expected it thus trying to turn it into their advantage and manipulated back.

It was a very good episode. Who plays Aldrich’s wife? She knew her husband was going to manipulate Davis and Crawford and told him not to. The last scene was poignant. Her husband went to Davis in the middle of the night, yeah obvious they did it, he then returns home and gets into bed. The wife laid on her side eyes open and as soon as he got into bed the alarm rang. The camera focused on her while he went to bed then a second later got up. No words but you knew she knew.


Question: Do you think manipulations like this are still going on in Hollywood?