Fewdio Shorts Review Part 3 + My Top 5 and Bottom 5

Here is the link to part 2 (warning: lots of YT vids embedded):



A Helping Hand

2/5 Kind of corny acting and lines. Not much going on with the "scares" either. C for effort.

Baby Sounds

2.5/5 Cheap scare at the end but I appreciate the build up and the originality of it all.


1.5/5 Ok look, I'm not going to lie: I am giving this a low rating partly because as someone who has studied/will be studying psychology, I don't quite appreciate the way "OCD" is represented here. Not to mention this woman probably has a severe case of agoraphobia or something, but people will probably think that is OCD too. The ending is ok but it's kind of a cheap scare and the build up is slow and annoying. Half a point for at least including a mental illness, I suppose.


2.5/5 I'm scared of things happening on my computer so I gave it half an extra point, but overall it was a decent scare I suppose. You kinda figure somebody had to show up after the guy got up to leave.


3/5 Kind of creepy. Pretty cool ending as I thought it was something different at first.


2.5/5 Because we couldn't possibly think the little old lady could do that. Never judge a book by its cover. Another one that tricks us.

Road Rage

2.5/5 I have to say, I've always wondered if someone would get pissed off at someone who flips them off. I guess this confirms that I wouldn't want to do that for fear or someone killing me. That being said, she kept on antagonizing the person so I don't know that I can feel that sorry for her.

Show Me

3/5 Alright I gave this a 3 because I haaaaate ventriloquist dummies with a passion (I'm looking at you, Goosebumps' Slappy). It's a bit more creepy towards the end and I think it's fairly effective.


BeeVee's Bottom 5 Fewdio Shorts (no order)


Nope. Not scary and the build up is slow and not amusing in any way. You kinda figure something would happen at the end so there was no surprise there. And yes, as I've mentioned, the portrayal of OCD bothered me.



There was some potential here, but overall, we only get scared for a second and that scare is seen from mile away.


I had to pay way too close attention for this to make any real sense for me. No me gusta.


A Helping Hand

Corny acting and the end was kinda predictable for me.


I didn't realize what we were supposed to be scared of until I watched it a second time. That's not good in my opinion…


BeeVee's Top 5 (no order):

The Tale of Haunted Mike

It's got a good creepy feel to it right to the end. I appreciate a bit of the humor as well.



There's nothing as awful and frightening as thinking your child/a child is safe when they are not.


Because I've stated why a thousand times. Just look at the gif…


The paranoid in me does not like this at all. I don't like the idea something could be in my car. Nope.


Door 17

I swear this is supposed to be a smart commentary, but maybe I just like how random and unique it is.