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After cancercat's rediagnosis yesterday, I stayed up working on my Halloween costume for the party I've been planning on going to for the past few weeks. It's supposed to be at a person's home who had a party last week that I was invited to but was told that it was costumed when in fact IT WAS NOT. Luckily, I was only in my #gamergater costume shown partially completed I these photos. (which I deleted off my phone because I thought they were in the Cloud but whatever... It's a really good t-shirt). THAT was slightly a downer though since only one person in 20 knew what #gamergate was and I was faced with trying to explain it (and my sarcastic t shirt) to a bunch of people not in costume.

So party! I bought a dress that I cut apart last night to sew a fox stole (found in the bottom of a Dig n' Save bin at St. Vincent De Paul) into the hood making the 19.99 cheap velvety dress into an awesome luxe very Once Upon A Time hooded jacket. I also washed my hair, put it up in curlers and crocheted a sort-a brocade rope to use on my corset.

I wake up today: I was never invited to the party.

It was a misunderstanding by the friend who I nanny for (who then didn't need me to work today)....


And of course my feelings weren't meant to be hurt and I could still come by and see them all getting ready for the event I'm not invited to and she's totally sorry....

And did I mention (no of course not because its still in my draft category) that my husband stole my $500 in cash that I had saved and been gifted over the year? No? Because I discovered that on Monday and was hoping to fill this weekend with activities so I didn't have to be alone with him much. Did he steal it (sorry, "borrow without me knowing") for some silly purchase I could force him to return? Nope. He's been concealing a deepening financial hole he's been in since August and needed the money to pay a part of our rent. In ADDITION, to the $200 he asked me to pay on his part of the rent.

In ADDITION to the money I put into our joint accounts to make up for some overdrafts and then excess activity charges after the overdraft protection I put in was over used.

In ADDITION to the vet appointment and chest X-ray I paid for yesterday.

In ADDITION to the money I gave him for the piece of the rental car that fell off in a construction zone two weeks ago.


Yes, I've miraculously had his much extra money this month EVEN THOUGH I spent $100 on super nice and super clever business cards for myself. Since there are a few different reasons I could be giving out business cards, there's a green dotted line under my name. So everytime I give out cards (or I can prepare them ahead of time), I can write in a nice black sharpie "nanny" or "artist" or "yarnbomber" or whatever on the dotted line. It's also the only way I could conceive of having cards for multiple purposes without spending a lot of excess money.

So things suck and all the precautions I put into place to be busy this weekend (and therefore not stuck awkwardly with my husband) have fallen through in a SPECTACULARLY AWKWARD fashion which illuminates how even though I am treated or considered like-family for the friend who I nanny for, I am SO UNBELIEVABLY DISTANT from that reality.


It's getting SOCLOSE to being so bad that I couldn't make this shit up.

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