It's been a really, truly, deeply shitty week.

I can finally run again, but after two runs and not even ten miles, I now have worrisome foot pain that I'm praying is just a sign I need to change my shoes and not the beginnings of a stress fracture.

It's the coldest week of the year, and the word from my roommate is that our heat is officially broken. Silver lining: I have at least four more hours of work to do before I go home to freeze. Not so silver lining: it's four more hours of shaking my fist at Excel.

The saga with my ex continues, and might actually result in us meeting up for coffee this weekend to discuss... things.

Given that it's Friday and I am the last woman standing at work, and nothing pairs with stats like a pint, I'm popping open a beer.


Gif party anyone?


(ETA. First gif changed because it's too cute not to share.)