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FFS, Who keeps unfollowing me for GT?

This is getting ridiculous. WTF did I ever do to you, mysteriously asinine* unfollower? Maybe you bore ME too, but I leave you alone, whoever the fuck you are. Damn. If we have a problem, feel free to let me know, either in an old post or on this one.

*Except now called you asinine. And have decided that any comment I ever want to leave will now show up as a main GT post. Good job.



ETA: Apparently either kinja is kinja’ing extra hard today or the unfollower is around, because I notice that about every 4 minutes GT is following me again. So it has to be “unfollowing” at some point.

Yay. I’m thinking about crafting a SUPER exciting post the unfollower will be sure to love about my credit report repair work. But hang in there for the update on the latest about coloring my hair at home, trimming the ends, oh, and giving my dogs a bath!

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