So every year, my siblings and I do our own March Madness bracket. Not for anything silly like, basketball (laaaammmezz) but for a category we choose, normally involving things we all watched or did together as kids that we can debate on endlessly. This year, our category is Fictional Boyfriends, and our divisions are Visual vs Written, with the subdivisions being Movies vs TV and Adult Books vs YA books.

We are having a solid debate over there today that I thought I'd open up to the minds at GT because it is tearing us apart! In the Adult Books category, we've got today

(7) Mr Rochester (Jane Eyre)


(11) Jay Gatsby

Now I am personally of the mindset that Jay Gatsby is the WORST BOYFRIEND EVER, so much so that despite the fact that (spoilers, but seriously, its like 100s of years old) Mr Rochester locks up his crazy wife, is going to trick Jane into marriage, and ends up with a burned down house and blind/missing a hand. there is no question for me that Mr Rochester is the best choice.

However, apparently SOME people that I'm related to don't seem to understand that Jay Gatsby is basically a creepy stalker who builds an entire house just to watch over the chick he likes and then tries to break up her marriage.

So Jezzies, give me your best Jay Gatsby arguments so I can destroy them, or please, feel free to share in my odd Mr Rochester love with me.

(please note, this IS the books category. gifs of DiCaprio or Fassbender are permitted only as illustrations, not points in and of themselves!)