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Fierce Work Bag Recommendations?

On the hunt for a heavy duty, professional-lady work bag. Any recommendations?


- Should be large to extra-large, to fit a note pad and laptop plus personal stuff.


- Multiple compartments helpful for organization, as is some kind of closure for the top (not open, because I'm klutzy and will spill the contents).

- In my mind, the bag would probably be leather (though vegan options would be considered if sturdy and stylish).

- Under $400ish, though I'm willing to invest in a piece that will last.

Basically, I'm looking for the kind of bag I can bring to meetings and proceedings, in lieu of a briefcase (I'm a lawyer) to look and feel really organized and polished. I go up against a lot of big-money corporate attorneys, and though this is a total headgame (and superficial and stupid, etc.), I am looking for the kind of piece that signals that I am equally serious and fierce.


Thanks, loveys! With your help, I'll be a grown-up lady yet.

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