GUYS. I have published my first post on my BLOG. I'm all of the happy right now. Anywhoo, I will post the inaugural post's contents below! Please be gentle, I am a very delicate flower right now and just want all of you to like it. Excellent! Let's begin!


Oh, hello!

I recently came into possession of two of Tarte’s Amazonian clay eye shadow quads - Evoke the Smoke and Beauty Resolutions respectively. Because they are pretty awesome and not overwhelming, I thought I’d start my ramblings on eyeshadow with them! We will get into more extensive palettes and single eyeshadows (even I am still overwhelmed by those from time to time!) later. It’ll be fun, I promise!

Aren’t they beautifully packaged?! I have to say, I’m very much a fan of the packaging, even though it’s bulky. So these little friends are unlikely to come with me on trips, but they’ll be just fine staying home and looking pretty. According to the packaging, each contains 6.8g (or 0.2oz) of product - that’s a very generous dollop of eyeshadow! I’m unable to tell just how deep into the box it goes (there is definitely more box than shadow), but as I rarely wear darker colors on a daily basis, I don’t think I’ll run out anytime soon.


Now, let’s talk about them individually. First, we’ll look at the precious pink box, which holds the following colors: Pink Cloud, Silver Mist, Purple Fog, and Dark Ash.


Aren’t they lovely? I’m a huge fan of this palette, as it contains the first purple that I’ve ever actually been able to wear. Most are too pink - pink around my eyes tends to just make me look sick. Someday, I’ll get stupid pink eyeshadow to work, but that day is not today, unfortunately. These colors are chosen to give you four shades that work together in order to create a smokey eye. You use the far left shade as a base and highlighter, the silver goes on the lid part of your eye, the purple in the crease (with just a smidge on the outer lid area), and the ash can be used as a liner! I have to say, these work exceptionally well together, and are very blend-able. If you’re a first time smokey eye-er, have no fear! I’ll do a tutorial soon that shows you how to just kinda mush colors together and have it look halfway decent - the proven Jess Method of metaphorically beating something until it works! These are very forgiving, for which I thank them.


Now, should you not be a smokey eye kind of person, these are pretty great shadows on their own. The pink is great in the corners of your eyes to make them ‘pop’ just a little bit, and I very much like the idea of using the purple as a liner. But my mantra is You Do You, so really just do whatever the colors are telling you to!


Swatches. Full disclosure - my brush* WAS slightly wet when I did the swatches for both of these boxes, which is how I got them to be so highly pigmented on my arm. Your mileage may vary, depending on how intense you want the color to be. Use a bone dry brush for lighter color application, and one that is just sliiiiiightly damp if you want stronger pigmentation. As you can see, Pink Cloud is a barely visible streak of shimmer - that’s the one on the very bottom. The others however, came out really nicely. For once, the silver is not woah hello I am silver! intense, which I appreciate. Much as I love gilding myself from time to time, it’s nice to have something subtle in one’s arsenal. Dark Ash is a not-quite-black color, which makes for an interesting tweak on the classic cat eye, and the purple is a nice, shimmery, slightly blueish purple. Aren’t my descriptive color words descriptive? Y’all would never guess I paint. I swear, I do. Anyways, on to the next box!


Beauty Resolutions.... oh, I have so many mixed feelings about you. We’ve got, from left to right, a Champagne Blush, a Dark Olive, a Blue/Purple, and a Plum. I have to say, I’ve had less fun with these colors. Of course, this one I bought, and the other was given to me by a friend. Apparently she knows me better than I do! Regardless, this one will be more difficult for me to work into my face paint play. The purple and blue together end up a little too bruise-like for my taste, and I’ve not yet had a reason to wear Olive on my face... well, ever. BUT, I love the Champagne color. It’s dark enough to be noticeable, but it’s light enough to look natural, and has just the right amount of shimmer. The palette is worth it just for that color, in my opinion. On to swatches!


These came out much better than expected, but again - slightly damp brush. You can maybe tell that the plum = the exact same color I bruise, so not thrilling. Depending on your color taste and complexion, this might be an excellent grouping, but it’s honestly just not doing much for me. Sorry Beauty Resolutions, you’re just not my favorite.

Both of these can be bought at, Evoke the Smoke is available directly from, and both sites have a variety of other color options. Do you have one? Do you like it? Share with me your thoughts!

Mes petites choux, ciao!

*For those interested, I used an Urban Decay flat eyeshadow brush for the swatches.