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"Fifty Shades of Grey Readers Are More Sexist Than Nonreaders, Study Says"

You’re all shocked. I’m sure. Here’s a link to the Slate article and TW it does bring up domestic abuse. Some things I found interesting:

Those who read part or all of the series and interpreted it as “hot” and “romantic” ranked higher in hostile sexism. Women who described it as “romantic” were more likely to hold beliefs that correspond with benevolent sexism. The survey participants who called the series “degrading” ranked lower on the sexism scale.

Back when Pope Alexander was doing the Grey recaps, I noticed a couple trends on the GoodReads page from fans of the original series. First that they didn’t like the new Grey, and second that they were incredibly sexist. Anyway, I went back and took some screenshots. These are all from different reviewers-


None of these were difficult to find. The Slate article raised more questions -

The study did not determine whether its participants developed sexist attitudes by reading Fifty Shades of Grey or already had those beliefs and were thus drawn to read the novels, but previous research suggests that consuming media with sexist undertones can help shape beliefs about gender and relationships.

It attempts to answer them as well, but I’m interested to hear fellow GT opinions on this. Thoughts?

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