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Fifty Shades of Kinja Grey.

So I'm scrolling through some less-than-promotable comments in the unpubbed area of the "gender politics is lame, yo" tweet post, finishing my last cup of coffee before seriously starting all the things, and thinking about how this is one feature of Kinja I really like.

Yes, it sucks to be stuck in the grey when you're a coolass commenter who doesn't belong there. But like Jezebel 1.29a, there are commenters out there actively looking to promote you. Seriously. I like having that feeling again of being part of the site, not just a visitor, and totally get Denton's vision on that.


Ditto for being able to follow (heart) your favorite commenters. The new rollout is badass and ensures I never miss a LaComtesse gif.

Anyway, long story/short - if you're a good commenter, you won't stay in the grey.

If you're a dick? Hahahaha, enjoy sitting in the back of the class with the rest of the dipshits.

ETA: Kinja etiquette question: If you've got a lot of replies on a comment "in the grey" do you "recommend" them as a "hey, I see you, I'm just not replying right now" a la FB or leave them alone?

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