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Or as I would have called it as a toddler. A Dotty Bom Christmas. My mother and previously my late grandmother always reminded me of how I wanted Dotty Bom for Christmas at age 3 until they figured out I meant Charlie Brown. They also told relatives and their friends, especially my grandmother loved telling it.

Anyways a fun article.

Three questions growing up in the 70s and 80s Charlie Brown was loved. For those growing up after Schultz died what are your thoughts on the Peanuts. I remember growing up buying the books and reading the comic strip daily. The story of Lucy making Linus’ blanket into kite then letting it go is still my favorite storyline.


Which Peanut are you or would like to play on stage.

I like to think of myself as Schroeder mixed with Linus. Although growing up I was probably more Pigpen based on my messy room and school desks. Today at times I feel like a cynical Lucy more then idealistic Linus.

Anyone besides me love this yearly special.

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