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Just now getting out from under the bullshit.

I planned & executed a giant party Saturday night. I also fronted the money.

100 people & me had a wonderful time. I’m still short lots of money, but I took that risk when I signed up to be the ring~leader. Enough money to make me wince but not enough to make me show my cards.


However & But.....

The venue’s Banquet Manager first asked me for $5 she claimed was “short.” Five dollars. After me & 2 other people, both in the math & financial world, counted the cash 4 times, which took nearly a half hour. After I sat & watched her count the money for 20 minutes. 20 minutes of which I missed my own party, plus the 30 minutes me & my friends had already spent counting. After I’d already paid over $12,000. The final bill was over $14,000.

This was the final reckoning.

I gave her the $5 in cash. Said, “Thank you for a wonderful night!” Five damn dollars. But we’re done, right? Once you count & take the cash, you’re done. Am I wrong to think once you take the cash, we’re done? We’re good?


She proceeded to come back to me 3 (THREE) times to first tell me I was $40 short. I turned & walked away because my interior brain was exploding. Then she came to find me while I was packing up to tell me it was really only $34, which I continued to ignore. Then she inserted herself in the path of the bathroom I going to to say it was ONLY TWENTY SIX DOLLARS! Fuck, man. Had to add the extra dollar over $25. Twenty six. $26.

That’s when I snapped with rage. “You know what? You can stick that twenty six dollars straight up your ass.” I said that. I’m not proud of it. I walked away. I paid for that statement all day yesterday & most of today, feeling like a shit person.


Me & Mr. 4th were leaving. All my people were at the downstairs bar after the party. It was a gauntlet of joy for me. I was saying “Goodnight” to my friends & having really great hugs. I never let on what was happening or asked them to stop spending money, though I really wanted to.

Then this guy, who never identified himself, inserted himself in front of me. I was loving on one of my dear friends at the time. He was very young. He could have been a busboy or a manager; I still don’t know. I did know that he works there.


He proceeded to speak in Condescending Man English. Look it up~it’s a thing maybe.

Suffice it to say that I was more than done with their bullshit. I blew a fucking gasket, semi~quietly, which took more restraint than I knew I had. But still, it was awful. So very awful.


Of course I had 26 dollars. That wasn’t the problem. It was the principle. I chose to die on that hill & I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I started to cry half~way to the far away parking lot where Mr. 4th parked. I cried almost all the way home. I’m not a crier, so it was hard for us both. I get that. He was out of his depth with me for the first time.


We made love when we got home & then had a HUGE fight in the morning. He was a total ass but I’m sure it was my fault. Keep your fingers crossed for us, please. I’m feeling looted.

I’m open for tough love, opinions or your own fight stories. Have at it, loves.


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