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Fighting Sex Trafficking in The Valley (TW)

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Monday, our State Legislature got together, and the State of the State address was given. Now, typically, I disagree with pretty much everything our Governor stands for, this time around, not so. She's opening the door to create legislation, and a statewide council to combat sex trafficking here in Arizona.


My friend, Savannah, was there, as an activist and survivor of sex trafficking, and received a standing ovation when Gov. Brewer honored her during her speech.

The work Savannah does, how she's changed her own life, and the lives of countless others by sharing her story, fighting for change in the laws, being so courageous. She's shining light into dark places, and has found a way to make our state government aware, and with the awareness comes action.


You guise, my friend is fierce. And she's out there, making a diffrence. I'm so proud to know her.

For my local GT folks, I'm sorry I didn't make it down on Monday (boo@me). Did any of you see this? If you did, I'm so jealous!!!

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