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Fighting Street Harrassment One Douche at a Time...

So, I'm not in a great place right now (my father just died of drinking, and what's left of my family is totally fucking nuts — but that's another post), but I put my pent up anger to excellent use tonight. Two friends and I were sitting outside at a pretty nice restaurant in NYC and these two drunkish dudes at the table next to us were catcalling literally every woman that walked by, young, old, whoever. Yelling dumb shit about asses and whatnot. Normally I wouldn't try to get involved because in my experience, drunk dudes are dangerous, but I was in such a state of simmering fury already that I lost it.

Well, I started out very measured and polite, telling them that their comments were unacceptable and inappropriate, but obviously shit escalated pretty quickly into accusations of us being ugly lesbian cunts and whatnot. So I marched inside and told the hostess, who went to go get the manager or whatever, and returned to my table.

At this point, one of the two guys called me Don Quixote which I actually found pretty hilarious and oddly endearing (an asshole meathead with a literate streak!), and his buddy called me a fucking bitch who could not get a man. I know, quite original. I replied that he didn't seem to be having much luck getting a woman and then my friend noted that he had a wedding ring, so I was like, oh! great I'll take your picture to put online, maybe your wife will see it!


Of course that's when the chair throwing started, as well as an inexplicable threat to call the police. I thanked him for the idea and started pretending to dial myself and he flipped out and just ran the fuck off. And then the manager came out and scolded the other guy for "misbehaving" which was actually an awesomely condescending way of putting it and kicked him out.

One small leap for womankind, one fucking huge Hulksmash anger outlet for this lady! And when my friends were like, whoa, you really escalated that fast, I was like, yeah I did. I've been reading a lot of Jezebel lately.

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