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Figure Skating Spoilers - Women's LP Jump Analysis

(I am in Europe so I could watch everything live last night - I have no idea when exactly this is being aired in the US so I am tagging this as spoiler just to be safe)

The New York Times has a very, very interesting analysis with interactive data (YAY) about the jumps in the women's figure skating long program last night.


I was rooting for Kim Yu-na all the way and feel a bit bummed (she just looked so devastated and crushed) that she did not win BUT I have to say that Adelina Sotnikova's performance last night was absolutely captivating and exhilarating to watch. I think that the right three people were on the podium but overall, I think Sotnikova was overscored. However, this analysis also shows that Ashley Wagner did not skate as great as she apparently thought she did. Either way, the only decision I am perfectly happy with is Carolina Kostner's bronze, she just appeared so happy to be there! According to the German commentator, she was just skating for herself - he quoted her saying something along the lines of "I have already got my world championship title and nobody can take this way from me. If I win a medal, I will be happy and if that does not happen, I will be fine, too", which strikes me as very humble and gracious. I was also very disappointed by the Russian audiences - guys, of course you are biased towards your home athletes but the lack of enthusiam after a world-class performance by Kim Yu-na and the chanting of Sotnikova's name as Kim was still waiting for her scores just strikes me as rude.

The Guardian has just posted an article about a Change.org petition about an inquiry into the judging decisions. It already has more than 1.6 million signatures. Jane, You Ignorant Slut also posted another breakdown article from The Wire, very insightful re: the scoring of the program components.

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