Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Figuring Out Boundaries

I have this ridiculous problem of not knowing when or if to ask for help on life things. Like, when am I imposing and when am I not? I see people all around me who ask easily for help, without a second thought. What is it about my personality that makes it so hard for me to do? I end asking but also apologizing for asking every time, and I have a strong feeling that apologizing for asking is super annoying and ridiculous. I also think this is some kind of socialization thing. Sigh. What do I do to figure out when asking is too much? (Basically, I just don’t do it. But, I never hesitate to help out or think it’s weird when someone asks me for help. Is this a gender thing? A feminist issue? A ‘me’ issue?)


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