One good thing (or bad, depending on what day it is) about living with my Mom is that she always has ice cream. Always, always, always. Her weapon of choice lately has been Nestle Drumsticks. I seriously can't get enough of these.

so far, we've had cookie coated ones, nestle crunch coated, plain dipped, and the original ones with nuts. I can't keep my damn hands off the things. They remind me of my childhood in a way that gives me a warm fuzzy and also OH MY GOD SCHOOL, OH MY GOD CHOCOLATE, NOM NOM MAKE ME FORGET MOMENTARILY ABOUT MY THREE TESTS NEXT WEEK YISS.

What's your favorite ice cream/sugary treat/comfort food? What's one snack that you can't turn down if someone offers it to you?

Brb, I might be eating another one. Please don't judge me.