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Filibusting Rick Perry's Asinine Legislation

Jeez... are you guys keeping up with what's going on with the Texas legislature right now? There are over 700 people staging a citizen's filibuster of House Bill 60 (you know, that REALLY HORRIFYING gigantic piece of anti-choice legislation)... they've been at it for hours now. A friend of mine is there and tweeting up a storm (along with a lot of other folks)... popular tags seem to be #HB60, #citizensfilibuster, #TXleg, #Perryfilibuster and #StandWithTXWomen if you want to follow along. You go, badass Texas ladies.

ETA: The Twitters indicate that the committee chair is trying to shut the hearing down even though hundreds of people still have yet to testify. WTF.


ETA x 2: Yep, chair and committee walked out. But people are still there telling their stories anyway because they are AWESOME.

...I'm feeling very riled up right now. It's almost 2am here in New York. Argh.

ETA NUMBA 3: Sooooo the chair is back, only 6 more women are now allowed to testify? I give up. I need to sleep. Godspeed, Texas ladies.

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