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Filing complaints

How do I do this?

I have several I want to file. (one is sexual harassment and the other is transphobia and mental illness shaming (phobia?))

1. My building manager has lately been a creeper. He always has been, but lately I haven’t had a male around, so it’s increased. e.g openly staring at my chest, coming up behind me to whisper “I did I scare you?” in my ear, to yelling at me from across the parking garage to get me to stop and talk to him, I ignored him because I don’t stop and talk to people in parking garages.


If I complain to his boss, what will happen?

2. I have some pretty openly transphobic and mental illness shaming co-workers at my contract job. Honestly, it makes me dread the beginning of the year because the two of them always have something ignorant and discriminatory to say. I am mentally ill, and was bullied horribly and gang sexually assaulted in High school for experimenting with being trans man/non-gender binary. I still consider myself as a non-binary. It violates both AODA standards and basic humans rights. But I am a contract worker, so I’m concerned if I complain, I won’t get my contract renewed. But at the same time, I’d almost rather get fired, so with documentation I can screw my work place. (This one I know I have to complain, I’m scared because it brings up so many painful memories)

I have filed complaints against abusive colleagues before and nothing was done. That was the worst part. My colleague was openly abusive and I was written off as being silly for complaining.

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