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Film Paper Help!

Calling all film Jezzies! I have to write a film analysis paper. I did one almost two years ago, but I'm a bit rusty.

If it means anything, the film(s)-because I really only want to do one-are Le Havre and The Man without a Past by Aki Kaurismäki. Both are Finnish. And I love them.

The problem with me is, especially with the one film I want to analyze, is Le Havre, is so cute and I just want to summarize it and rant about how much I love it. The other one I love too, but I really don't want to do two. Not out of laziness, but because I love Le Havre.


So here's part of my problem. I have to use the secondary sources-articles that have something to do with the films, but very abstract (one is about European globalization, which I do not believe has anything to do with the film). So my ideas about how to incorporate the articles clash with my overwhelming will to just go my own way and do character analysis.

The second part is the process. I know where to start: re-watch the film (or films) and re-read the articles critically. Other than that, I have no clue how to talk about how they both fit together. The movies are sweet, funny, and the characters are great. One way-I guess-the director relates them to the wider concept of globalization, is because they both deal with fringe culture. But I barely know what globalization is (went to dictonary.com and Wikipedia, still confused. And the articles don't explain it).

So, can someone give me the simpletons guide to writing an analytical film paper? I'm a good writer, and I'm used to analyzing history, but film is so open to interpretation that it's hard for me to get my head around. It would be much easier to not use the articles, but sadly I have to.

Also, watch both the films if you can. I promise you will have all the warm fuzzies after.

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