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Filmdrunk Offers a Fantastic Response to Tim Molloy's Recent Sexism

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I've listened to the Frotcast for a while, and been a pretty regular reader of Filmdrunk and Warming Glow. One thing I've noticed is how the almost entirely male staff has become more and more pro-feminist as time has gone on. It should be noted that Lindy used to be one of the guest Frotcasters, and that they talk about reading Jez (mostly since she joined), but Vince Mancini's coverage of Tim Molloy's sexist jab at Lena Dunahm is seriously worth the read.


An excerpt:

Yes, exactly. Nudity is a natural fact of life, and Girls is trying to depict it as such. Dunham, I believe, is trying to normalize it, to carve out a place where nudity doesn't always have to be salacious and titillating. The fact that any female nudity that isn't salacious and titillating to him IS AUTOMATICALLY CONFUSING is evidence for how much female nudity needs normalizing.

And by the way, describing it as "not titillating" is a backhanded insult to Lena Dunham, that easily could be construed as sexist, because you are in effect saying that her naked body isn't titillating to you, to her face. At the very least, it's rude.


A quick warning: I say "more pro-feminist" because they aren't perfect, but most of the time they're pretty damn good for a group of nerdy bros.

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