Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Final Random List of 2017

As per usual, none of my random thoughts merit a whole post of their own. Add your own randomness to the pile!

1. I really hate winter. It’s DARK and cold. I could deal with cold if I didn’t have to wake up in the dark and go home from work in the dark with no ray of sun during the day.


2. My humidifiers have been running full tilt since coming home from the parent visit. They have cured my chapped lips and my cat’s static cling.

3. I had a good time with my parents/family this Christmas. It was chill. I avoided (by firmly saying NO) the majority of my relatives who make me crazy.


4. The visit was also terribly depressing - seeing how rundown and impoverished my hometown/home county is. It served as a good reminder that I WASTE so much money. Time for a spending diet.

5. My father enlists me every year to hand out grocery gift cards to some of our neediest neighbors. I am the elf because he wants it to be anonymous, and many of the people won’t recognize me. This year the cat lady/conspiracy theorist (finally) actually opened the door to me, complimented my pants, and offered me a cat. I think she likes me.


6. I ate potatoes like every day I was at my parents’. I never eat potatoes.

7. Neither of my parents know how to use the guide button on their TV remotes.

8. Walkout pushups are worse than burpees.

9. Dementia is a real bitch. Somehow it seems even worse when the person affected (sometimes) knows that their mind isn’t right.

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