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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Final tomorrow, and any Venture Bros. Jezzies out there? Plus an Etsy spree

This post is about the end of the year, Venture Bros., and Etsy.

So I'm just sitting here doing my nails, but I'm pretty confident about my final tomorrow. What I'm really looking forward to is commencement! Sadly, I have no history major friends to sit with, so I'm going to be flying solo...sad face. And the freaking thing is like, 2-3 hours long! No way. We don't even have a good speaker! Gonna be boring. Should I bring my cell or be respectful and 'listen' (read: daydream)?


On to number two: anyone on here watching Venture Bros.? Oh my god, if you're not, and you like humor and an homage to old school cartoons, I would suggest it. If you already watch it, what do you think of the new season? Who is your favorite character? I like Hunter Gathers, because I just love everything he says. Then Hank, because he is The Bat.

Also I've been on a major Etsy shopping spree lately. I'm in love with plastic cameo necklaces and geek stuff, but if you have any suggestions of shops I should check out, tell me! (like cute dresses and anything else that you like!). Also, feel free to plug your own Etsy shop. I would love to see them!

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