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I am so excited.

So, I was tasked with an impossible project that, though I have sacrificed spare time and so much effort, cannot be done without help. After the millionth time I was verbally chewed out by my boss-on my FOUTH WEEKEND WORKING ON IT-I wrote up something to stick up for myself, and say “I never got tools, I never got help, and I asked so many times but here are ideas and y’all need to back me up.”

It was well received!

I can speak up better in writing, so I think that really helped. Plus the effort did show, and I think they get it now.


Plus everything here is seeming to get better. Famous last words...but some of the new people are keeping me sane.

Oh and I need to get a wedding guest dress today, because I was sent a white one from a certain site when I specifically requested pink...yeah it’ll be returned. I hope I can find a good one today!

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