And now I have thoughts. These are mainly the problems I have with the show, but overall I found it a pleasant way to spend a lot of my time these past 3 months.

Lorelai is ridiculously immature.
You're not as cute as you think you are, Lorelai Gilmore! Or more accurately, she is not as cute as the show thinks she is. And I guess since Richard, and especially Emily, never treat her like an adult, it sort of makes sense that she acts out by behaving like she's still an angry 16 year old. But that doesn't really excuse how she acts with everybody else. She's friendly and cutesy as long as she's getting what she wants, but the minute someone does something she doesn't like she turns into a sulky brat. Her epic hissy fit when Rory wants to take time off from school is the best example of this, but it applies a lot. Which brings me to...

Lorelai and Luke are a terrible couple.
These two and their fucking communication fails. Luke is too afraid to tell Lorelai how he feels about her, and then when he finally asks her out she isn't even sure if it's a date. Don't get me started on the April situation. Forget even the not telling Lorelai about it for months, when Luke very reasonably wants to spend time alone with his daughter to get to know her, he never explains this to Lorelai or talks with her about how he eventually expects April to fit into their lives. And Lorelai never tells him that she's hurt about being excluded and about postponing the wedding, until she's yelling at him about how it's now or never. You are two grown ass adults who are supposed to be planning a life together, take a deep breath and have a fucking conversation. These two people should not be married to each other. They also basically only got engaged because Lorelai was angry at Rory, Emily, and Richard. I was 100% on board with that break up. I don't know if there is a word for the continued life of characters after a fictional story ends, but in that life I bet they break up again. Because they are terrible together.

Jess is the worst.
Why does it seem like Jess is the most popular of Rory's boyfriends? Sure Dean is boring and needs to take his jealousy issues down several pegs, but Jess is a total asshole. Whenever he's upset about something, whether it has to do with Rory or not, he finds some way to take it out on her. He also gets angry at her when she doesn't want to have sex. [Insert Jean Ralphio "The Wooooooorst" gif here.]

Zack is also the worst. Why did this show decide it hated Lane?
Zack is an oblivious surly moron. The fact that Lane fell for him makes me like Lane less. Which pisses me off because Lane is cool, and she deserved better. Zack has nothing to offer except similar taste in music. And he only proposes to her because he wants to get the band back together and thinks the only way he can smooth things over with Lane is by asking her to marry him. JUST TALK OUT YOUR ISSUES! EVERYONE ON THIS SHOW GETS ENGAGED FOR LOUSY REASONS! I can't believe they saddled Lane with that idiot for the rest of her life, and in the end she's happy to watch him go off and live her dream life while she stays in Stars Hollow with two kids. This is the darkest timeline.


An opinion I sense is unpopular: I like both Christopher and Logan.
There are problems with both of them, and they both fit into the annoying trope of immature men who grow up for the sake of a woman. But Lorelai and Christopher click. They obviously love and are attracted to each other, and are way more honest with each other than in any of Lorelai's other relationships. I'm not sure why I like Logan so much. Matt Czuchry has a serious case of doucheface, and I've always been sort of lukewarm on Cary Agos. So my affection for Logan Huntzberger is mysterious. He's the most personable of her boyfriends, the one who grows up the most (within the context of the relationship. Grownup bookstore owner/author Jess seems cool.) and he's the only one who helps her broaden her horizons in a positive way. That said, she was definitely right not to marry him.