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Finally finished Season 2 of House of Cards

Spoilers below.

Can I just say: Go, Rachel! Go! I was cheering. (Erm, mentally.) Reading through some of the other HoC posts here, apparently not everyone is super happy about this, but I did not like Doug. He was creepy, and he made Rachel's life hell. And given Frank's history, who knows where that car would have ended up. I don't know how this is going to go well for her from here on out, but I'm firmly on Team Rachel here.

Random other thoughts: I was shocked when Zoe died but, before too long, not actually all that sad. I like the hacker guy and his guinea pig. I want Season 3 to let the Jackie/Remy situation go somewhere, which definitely has nothing to do with my personal thoughts on Molly Parker and Mahershala Ali as incredibly attractive people.


Somewhat-related thought: Have you noticed that this show has an unusually large number of female orgasms? I can't think of any guys who have gotten off, but we've seen Zoe, Jackie, and Rachel (and/or Lisa?) all have visibly pleasurable sexual experiences with no penis involvement. Which is cool, because representation! but also weird because the show uses those moments in very disturbing ways. (With Zoe, she's on the phone with her dad; with Jackie, she's talking about how many people she's killed; with Rachel, Doug is looking through the window BECAUSE HE'S A CREEPY MCCREEPERPANTS.) I have thoughts about this.

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