Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Finally going back to school today!

After a bunch of tough shit, I decided to cowgirl up and get my ass to school today!

The main reason is because my luck has been turning around and I'm feeling better. Also, I did something I hate doing yesterday. Since I usually drive my friends to our art club, I couldn't yesterday because my car is in the shop. So I decided to walk to my friends apartment yesterday (which is hella far from my place) and listened to the Gatsby soundtrack (the best!)...really motivated me to get stuff done. Also, I basically told my friend everything. She's going to be a nurse, so she has a bit of a medical background and got what I was talking about regarding my medication adventure (well, what happens when you drink water that has been infused with medication...spoiler alret, it sucks). She basically gave me a pep talk and said "well, you made it out and yeah, you have shitty luck, but hey, at least I didn't run into you at the hospital (again...fun times in my interesting life)!". It was great. Also got a free beer and some coffee.


And the creepy 'handsy' guy wasn't at club! Yay! So yesterday restored my confidence more, and I love my friends.

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