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Finally got a GYN!!!!

Well, it's taken me two years, 6 doctors offices, and countless hours in the waiting room, but I've finally gotten myself a GYN. For now, anyway.

I'm on my parent's insurance at the moment, and it's a national plan, but for some reason the offices in my home state didn't want to cooperate with the offices in NY, and vice versa. I've been bopping around to office after office, making appointments and then getting turned down because the stupid-ass insurance company wouldn't tell them whether or not they could treat me. Once I sat in a waiting room for hours while a doctor herself argued with the insurance company on my behalf. This last time the insurance company told them I wasn't in their files at all! But I finally got in and got my necessary tests and some STI testing just to be safe. The gynecologist was really nice too!


In a few months my parent's insurance is going to change again, so I can't go to this doctor anymore (and maybe not any of my other doctors too??? help!) , but in the meantime I'm not going to worry about that.

I'm just pumped that for the next few months someone will be concerning themselves with the well-being of my troubled womb!

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