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Finally got a job.

You heard it here first. Vulpita is finally an independent young adult with a paying job and a roof over her head living in the big city.

Joblandia has not been kind to me. After a lot of job applications and a long, deafening silence, I finally started getting interviews in late September and during October.


Regarding this post:

Apparently the person who recommended me didn’t know the people working at this ad agency very well. After interviewing with them, they wanted me to work for them, which was great at first. Then I spent a little over a week being jerked around between “Hey, can you do this work for us from home” and “Oh, we’re too busy to do the paperwork today, another time.” As long as I didn’t have a contract, they didn’t have to pay me for those days. I did the work in good faith, then sometime last week they told me that they would be paying me less than what we had discussed. I said okay because I really can’t stay unemployed much longer, but then they still avoided doing the paperwork. Then they eventually ghosted on me this Monday (I can’t get a hold of them anymore) and I realized they used me for some free work. In the meantime I’ve found out that they sometimes didn’t respect their contracts with clients or contractors and sometimes they didn’t even pay for services they received from contractors. I think I dodged a bullet by not actually being hired by them.

It sucked that I wasted almost 2 weeks with them, I was super angry (I’m over it now) and in the haze of fury that followed the realization, I was so determined that I wrote the best damn cover letter and applied to a few more jobs - I mean, I applied and they called me back within hours/a day, it must have been convincing! That never happened before.


I went to that multinational corporation awesome job interview yesterday - they told me on the spot that we weren’t a good match, so yeah, bummer. But! This week I also went to two interviews and a test with another company and today they told me they are 100% hiring me and we’ve already started on the paperwork. I just need to go in on Monday to review and sign the contract and start on Tuesday. The hours and the pay are... not the worst ever, but I guess... it’s a start. The pay entirely covers rent, transportation, food and there’s still a little bit to use as I please (I am thinking about a gym membership); I’ll be completely independent financially, which I guess is a lot more than what a lot of people have, hence I’m grateful for that. I’m looking at it as something temporary until I get my diploma or something better comes along, but right now I need to support myself and the work environment seems very nice, everybody was very friendly and understanding to me, they were upfront and very serious about everything (including pay, hours, benefits etc) and they didn’t jerk me around like the other guys.

The job itself is not very exciting, but it’s not difficult and they offer the possibility of getting performance bonuses every month and a promotion after 6 months if I do decide to stay. Mostly I’m super happy I can easily afford to continue living in the new apartment I’ve been living in since mid August. The building and the apartment are amazing and have everything I could ever need, I am 5 minutes away from the fastest public transit lines in my city, my room mates and I get along well, the neighborhood is safe, there are a lot of stores, malls, parks, gyms, banks etc (basically anything I need is within walking distance). And it’s 25 minutes away from my new job! Maybe even less at times, depending on public transit. I’m happy I won’t be wasting a lot of time commuting.


So. All in all, today is a good day. :) I haven’t been able to sleep well/much because of the stress of being unemployed/constantly interviewed, so now I’m going to take a well deserved nap.

Thank you for being here to support me during this time of my life. It’s been really difficult and confusing and you were here every time I needed to talk things out or get a new perspective on things. Thank you.


Okay. Nap now. See you guys later :)


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