Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today, at 11:30am, I am taking my last final. And I'm anxious as hell. I know the material pretty well. That is to say I know what happened in this particular part of history from like, the 18th century until the late 1970s, plus the 1990s. I have no idea what happened in the 1980s in this particular country-The Netherlands, to be exact, because I pretty much missed that part of class.

Freaking out. I should have studied more yesterday, but I ended up not doing that because something else came up (family drama-the bane of my existence). And I hope that the professor puts stuff on the final I actually know.


So basically, I'm looking over my notes this morning. Also, I am basically hoping for my usual dumb luck. I mean, I'm wearing my 'lucky' shirt-Property of Stark Industries-and my lucky necklace. I usually luck out and my brain doesn't die, but the anxiety has reached the boiling point. This always happens! I know I can pull stuff off at the last minute, but I have zero faith in myself. For example, the paper I just turned it is very good, but I fear the fatal 'F'.

Please, funny gifs. And maybe some test taking stories where you lucked out.

Edit: Done! Woot Woot! Time to kick back. Well, I have to help my friend write a petition, which I don't mind, but I did get some champs on the way home!

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