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Finally making the leap--ETA:damnit

So, iTunes crashed in the middle of the update, now I have to restore the phone before I can update which I guess will wipe most of my media...fortunately I backed the phone up before installing...it's just that much more tedious. I'm not entirely sure what the backup includes though, did I just lose most of my photos? The music will be easy to replace...unfortunately it's on my old laptop...so I'll have to break that out. I hope this is worth it.

To ios7.

I still think it looks weird and I'm not thrilled about having to learn a new operating system, but I want the fancy new shiny, so here we go.*


Wish me luck.

(and tell me about your favorite new features)

*after I go through the somewhat tedious process of backing up the phone and then updating to the latest iTunes....

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