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Finally ordered some bras in the right size

I'm so excited. I just ordered some bras in what is hopefully the right size. I've been wearing 32 DD (which used to fit, then I gained some weight and went on BC) and I'm tired of the quad boob, plus my most frequently worn bra just stabbed me viciously with an underwire. I tried several different ways of measuring, and while I'm reasonably sure my band is 32, cup size is definitely a matter of trial and error. My boobs are somewhere between 6 and 8 inches larger than my band. Based on shape, I'm guessing larger cup is probably more accurate. I ordered a couple 32 DDDD/Fs and a couple 32 H with the plan of returning whatever doesn't fit. I'm most excited about this pink flamingo covered one and hope it fits! I will keep trying new sizes until I get one that does!

I ordered from HerRoom, because even though the bras are more expensive, returns will be cheaper. And then once I know what size works for me, order in the future from BraStop. I love BraStop's prices, but somebody in the US, the return shipping on anything that didn't work would be ridiculous.


I'm so excited for bras that should fit so I can stop wearing my current ones that make me feel like I constantly need to be readjusting to make quad boob go away.

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