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Finally ready to start......

So last summer I made this simple 60 degree triangle quilt out of a lot of Lotta Jansdotter fabric I'd collected over time (with a few other fabrics mixed in). When I finished quilting my last quilt, I got this top out and it's been on my dining room table since January—half basted.

A couple of weeks ago I got nearly to the end of basting and discovered I'd made the backing too short, and I got stalled on what to do to fix it—I had a limited amount of the flannels I'd used to make the backing—and none of one fabric. So I made a border band of triangles out of the front fabrics, edged in black cross-hatch flannel, then did a different narrow striped border, and added that to the end of the backing to make it longer.


Sorry this picture is kind of blurry —it is from my phone and I'm not a very good photographer.

It won't let me add a picture of the back border—I'll do it below.

Off to roll it up and pin it so I can start quilting. I have not had a good long-term project for a month or so —so I'm happy to have something to do while I watch tv. I think this will go pretty fast.

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