I wrote about it awhile ago and I was happy that it was allegedly done with but he came back. I suppose that's just a thing that happens.

This time we had a long talk about why it couldn't continue and how I deserve someone who isn't, you know, with someone else. I've unfriended him on all the social media stuff. That somehow feels more final.

I just want to write this down someplace so I know it really happened and I can't lie to myself again and allow him to weasel his way back into my life.

I've wasted so many years with people I knew I could never build real relationships with. I know why I do it. I just can't seem to break this shitty cycle.

I should probably see a therapist about it. My sisters are both in great relationships with great guys. It has to be me.


I'm gonna stop dealing with men altogether for awhile.

Are there therapists for people like me? Seems like there are lots for people who are already in relationships. Who do I talk to about having trouble making good relationship choices?