Late to the party as usual, but damn I was surprised at how good it was.

Yup, I cried. Part of it is that my one eye cries a lot easier because the bell’s palsy, but it was kinda relief to brush away a tear rather than hold it in.

Spoilers Yes spoilers

I’m so glad I never moved. New kids have it the worst. Note I was the curious weird kid of my school, so I was basically like “OMG NEW PERSON TELL ME EVERYTHING. DO YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK ABOUT DRAGONS WITH ME??? OR THE BABYSITTER’S CLUB? DO YOU STAR TREK!?” and if you stuck around with me for the year it took for everyone to stop hating you, you’d be fine. Ya, were I lived it took a year. People are awful.


Damn, watching all the different islands get blown up a sink into the nothing wowwwwww such a powerful visual for how parts of you are destroyed in life changing situations. (My PTSD was basically the entire world getting nuked from orbit. Ex’s effect would have shown the world being poisoned internally, my missing anger would be screaming somewhere for me to hear it.) That the islands can come back as different things that honor the old but incorporate the new. I like that it implies that she gets more complex variations of islands and feelings as she gets older.

I love that disassociating or numbness was the console becoming grey and couldn’t be used.


Dream production was brilliant, totally did the whole “And this person is played by so and so tonight”

I have hundreds of trains of thought.

I liked that facts and opinions get mixed up and look very similar. We talk a lot about that in therapy.


Core memories remind me a lot of core beliefs in DBT. Ideas that we cling to that shape us, but in DBT the core beliefs might not be true.

Which I wondered which emotion was my leader. When I was a kid I’m pretty sure anger and joy led. I feel like I tried to bind and gag sadness and anger, so it was largely fear and joy that took over. Disgust doesn’t really come up for me, well except at academic conferences, I am kinda a nightmare there... and well... okay, so maybe disgust has a bigger role than I thought! I guess everyone gets a turn in my head.


I have a feeling I’m gonna pre-order this movie because there’s a lot of ideas I like and relate too.

Oddly, we talked about watching it in group because our leaders had heard good things about it from their colleagues.


The whole Bing Bong thing killed me. So I found an image of him in foster’s home for imaginary friends.


My imaginary friend as a child was a this standing 6 ft tall black cat, that looked like violent scribble drawing charged with electricity, soooo I think it would look pretty damn scary. Actually, a lot of my imaginary friends where somewhat monstrous or elemental forces. Well, and of course my imaginary crew of the Enterprise... and the the imaginary crew of my own starship. And the Sailor scouts....

I still have imaginary boyfriends now... (TMI part of it is a weirdness. I can’t masturbate to people who actually exist who I am not in a relationship with. So I have always made up fake people with entire backstories. When I try to do it with crushes and other stuff I just can’t buy into it. There’s something too puppet like about it.)