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And definitely not what I was expecting.

Three more tests have been ordered, including a bone marrow biopsy, to determine with certainty. I have to wait a couple months to have it done because certain vitamin levels are low and need to be stabilized or they can give a false positive (I think that is what the doctor said?). Long story short, it’s most likely cancer, and not one that has a high or long survival rate (and, of course, is relatively uncommon). With the vagueness of my symptoms, and my genetic condition, had the doctor not done the extensive testing, it would not have been found.

I’ve spent the afternoon processing - reading what the results of each of the tests (already performed) mean, what the next round of tests will/can determine, and what this cancer is/does. And it might NOT be full-on cancer, but rather a pre-condition that needs to be monitored. (This is the one I am rooting for.)


I was doing pretty okay with it until I had to say the prognosis out loud to my parents when they asked worst case scenario. That was not fun.

It will be at least a couple months until a more certain prognosis and plan is made, so until then it is more waiting.

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